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Ex-gang members in search of a more dignified life, FIRMES is the story of the hardships and triumphs faced by a group of Mexican immigrants fighting for survival in the Bronx. United by their love for art, culture and Mexican traditions, they’ve formed strong bonds and a solid community.

Distribution: Natgeo Latino

El Indio Sabe

José, an indigenous shaman from the mountains of Puebla, Mexico has decided it’s time to go back home after living in New Jersey, for over two decades. His reasons for leaving are not economic nor does he have a family waiting for him back home. One night, in a vivid dream, José sees the destruction of the earth, the Totonac Goddess Shkuyúchatl appears to tell him he must return home to perform a ritual inside a sacred cave or else the earth as we know it will suffer irreparable consequences.

En el Séptimo Día

EN EL SÉPTIMO DÍA (On the Seventh Day), a fiction feature from director Jim McKay (GIRLS TOWN, OUR SONG, EVERYDAY PEOPLE), follows a group of undocumented immigrants living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn over the course of seven days. 

Straighten Up and Fly Right

Straighten Up and Fly Right points the camera inwards to acknowledge the unique experience of a disabled woman in search of her place in the world. Kristen has Ankylosing Spondylitis, a severe form of arthritis that has frozen her spine and neck, she is permanently bent over.

Out of Many, One

A short documentary for Netflix. The United States has long offered a promise of opportunity and safety to arriving immigrants – The American Dream. However, currently facing a time of deep political, social, and cultural divide, immigration has become a divisive issue.

Jay Myself

Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates an intimate portrait of his mentor, Jay Maisel, as he leaves the 30,000 square foot building in the Bowery that he’s inhabited and filled with his eccentric collection of beautiful random objects for the last 40 years – known as ‘The Bank.’

Havana Motor Club

Reforms have offered opportunity in Cuba but the children of the Revolution are unsure of the best route forward. For a half-dozen drag racers, this means last-minute changes to their beloved American muscle cars, as they prepare for the first sanctioned race in Cuba since 1960.


Felipe has come to a crossroads. After 16 years in Brooklyn, working three low-paying jobs and collecting bottles on the street in his spare time and sending the bulk of his earnings home to his family in Mexico, he’s decided to return to his wife and the children he hasn’t seen in almost two decades. […]